Face of Evil: Martin Bryant

  Like the World Trade Centre, or when Man first walked on the moon, most Australians remember where they were when tragedy struck in Port Arthur in 1996. On what was a typical day for staff and tourists alike a lone gunman opened fire, and 35 people lost their lives. …

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Bain Family Murders

While not an Australian crime, the Bain Family Murders in Dunedin – New Zealand was still a crime that cause horror in our part of the world. Today Horror Australia takes an in-depth look at the killings which saw a gangly 22-year-old musical student convicted on murdering his parents and …

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Madame of Darkness: Katherine Knight

It has been described as one of the most heinous crimes in Australian history, as a result Katherine Knight found her way into folklore – along the same lines as Ivan Milat, Martin Bryant and Bushranger Ned Kelly – when she became Australia’s First Female Killer to be sentenced to …

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