WACO Series Reviewed

The Paramount Networks brand new mini-series, WACO, based on the 1993 stand off between religious sect the Branch Davidians and the ATF, FBI and other United States Government agency has just launched – and despite no Australian network or streaming service currently picking up the series the team here at …

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Horror Australia Quaratined

Across Australia there are plenty of locations that market themselves as either Australia’s Most Haunted, or at least up there as a place that anyone interested in the paranormal, or even the possibility of seeing a spirit manifest itself needs to finish. But, in the day and age where technology …

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F13 The Game – A Review

When you talk about the horror genre there is usually one name that comes to mind – Jason Voorhees – the ten year old boy who drowned in the lake at Camp Crystal Lake during the summer, while those employed to supervise were busy entertaining themselves than carrying out their …

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