About Us

The Australian Horror Network, otherwise known as Horror Australia, (‘http://www.horror.net.au’) is an Australian based community network designed to support, promote and nurture the Horror genre within and around Australia – including the various sub-genres that collectively fall under the Horror genre.

If you watched the hit Stephenie Meyer Twilight movie series, read the accompanying books or even watched one of the mind bending M. Night Shyamalan films, or picked up a book by the great Stephen King then you have a passing interest in the Horror genre – which means this website is aimed towards you.

The Australian Horror Network is designed to bring fans of the horror genre in general together with those heavily involved in the industry including prop builders, authors, publishers, artists.

It is also our aim to provide clear and precise information on the various groups across Australia who provide a service towards the many sub-genres including the likes of Paranormal Investigation groups, groups that look into the mysterious and unexplained and general horror social groups.

With our various contacts within the horror industry the Australian Horror Network aims to bring you the latest news, offer unbiased reviews on movies, books and games as well as interviews with some of the biggest players in the horror genre both in Australia and beyond our shores.

We offer a forum to discuss everything and everything relating to the horror industry, which is free to access when you register for a completely free account here at Horror Australia (‘http://www.horror.net.au’) and we will also be hosting a series of Competitions and Giveaways with some exciting horror merchandise and unique collectables up for grabs.

We thank you for expressing an interest in the Australian Horror Network and invite you to Contact Us if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions.