Alleged Cults operating in Australia

There is nothing wrong with dedicating your life to God, to finding and practising a religion in which you hope will make you a better person, and eventually earn your way into the Kingdom of God. In fact Australia is very open to members of all faiths, and support churches and their members hoping to earn their seat in the Kingdom in the sky when the time comes.

But, what happens when the religion is so ‘out-there’, so different, that outsiders start looking at them as cults. Religious movements in which everyone relating to the outside world is evil. Out of all of these religious groups it is easy to label something you don’t understand and therefore these religious gatherings are spoken about as ‘cults’.

Out of all of the groups across the world, which ALLEGED cults are actively operating here in Australia?

a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

*Please note and understand that everyone here at Horror Australia appreciates ones right to seek enlightenment, to seek their truth, and practise in any faith they wish. This list, and information, was compiled (where for the most part explained throughout) as to why the wider public/audience see’s these religious groups as cults.

We apologise in advance for any anguish caused by listing your religion on our list – however, hopefully you will find the information contained within useful on how to not look so ‘cultish’.

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