Five places that are absolutely, possibly, haunted

We have all seen those houses. You know the ones. Where you drive or walk past them and they just give you a creepy vibe, a vibe that allows your mind to race, thinking up its own scenarios of those in years gone by who have perished inside the property, those who are currently being held against their will in the basement. As we keep walking past the creepy vibe dissipates and we can once again feel natural, in our eyes the dark and gloomy surrounds are now filled with chirping birds and colour as far as the eye can see once again embraces our world.

Okay that may have been a little far fetched for an introduction, but it was enjoyable to write and as a writer that is one of the main things about what we do. But on a more serious note, Australia is a rich country, maybe not economically but in history, urban legends, and in folklore, so today the team here at Horror Australia have been having an exhaustive debate about supposedly haunted places and thought we would take you through the TOP FIVE absolutely, possibly, haunted locations.

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