Psychics Gift to all

We all know that legitimate psychics have a gift, with their spirit guides or guiding angels passing information and messages to complete strangers.

And while there are a wide range of different psychic techniques, and levels of skills among the psychic community there is one Gold Coast Psychic Medium who is really going above and beyond when it comes to her loyal followers with free readings.

Being a psychic medium provides one with the ability to make an income, charging for readings, appearing at conferences, conventions and fairs, the ability to sell their own merchandise. Which is why it is always fitting to see someone giving back to the community and the fans of the mediumship, that is exactly what Barb Meynell from Barb’s Psychic Readings is doing.

Barb runs a number of psychic workshops from her base on the Gold Coast, and can more often than not be seen at fairs across the eastern states on most weekends. She also opens herself up for Psychic parties, as well as performs readings over the internet, skype or in person.

I have had 3 readings with barb. 2 online readings with Facebook live and 1 in person and all 3 have been more then amazing. I am very grateful for barb – life changing, inspirational, clarity and very blessed xo you are a beautiful treasure. – Haylee Knight

Absolutely amazing. Had a psychic party with friends at my house and Barb is so lovely. Loved how we each have a piece of jewellery and barb also picked cards for us. So accurate, already working out a date for the next psychic party! Thank you Barb. – Faye Logan-Shuttleworth

But Barb Meynell offers something quite extraordinary on her Facebook page each and every Monday evening with live readings to anyone who happens to be on her Facebook page.

Supporters on her Facebook Page are encouraged to post questions in the comments of her live readings, which take place from 8:30pm (9:30pm AEDST), as well as usually conducting a three card reading to ensure that everyone gets a reading.

For those who are interested you can find more out about Barb and her gift at Barb’s Psychic Readings,  for those interested in catching Barb during a live reading are also encouraged to visit her Facebook Page and give it a like before tuning in on Monday evening.

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