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Get Interviewed

Interested in being interviewed on the Australian Horror Network?

We understand that promotion of upcoming performances, releases and goods and service promotions is an integral part of any marketing campaign – and therefore it is important to get your name out there as much as possible.

As such we here at the Australian Horror Network are open and willing to interview you for an article on our website to further assist you in your marketing and promotion needs.

However, as we are starting out there are a number of small guidelines that we have to put in place to help set the standard we here at the Australian Horror Network will be held to moving forward as we continue to grow.

Interview Guidelines

First and foremost any requests for information must be accompanied with artwork and/or photographs. This means if you are an author a biography style photograph as well as covers of your most recent or upcoming release.

If you are a short or feature film photographs from on set or promotional photographs will need to be submitted as well as a movie poster style graphic for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes.

Secondly in order to speed things up we may opt to send you a questionnaire via e-mail with the interview questions which allows you to answer them at a time that is convenient for you.

And off course we reserve the right to use the answers from the questionnaire as we deem fit for our articles. This means that not all questions/answers may be used however, we will endeavour to ensure that the full interview questions and answers are placed on our interviews page.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to hold off on artists, films and other that we are NOT familiar with. We understand that interviews are essentially marketing pieces for the client and may not be of public interest (at the time). This does not mean we wouldn’t take a request, just that we can’t accommodate every actor or film that comes in.