Devil in the Detail: Martin Bryant

It’s a crime that shook Australia to its core. The peaceful, historic tourist destination Port Arthur turned from a buzzing atmosphere to a war zone in just minutes as then 28-year-old Martin Bryant opened fire with a Colt AR15 semi-automatic riffle killing 35 people, a further 23 injured.

The lone gunman Martin Bryant sentenced to 35-life sentences, with a non-parole period of 1035-years, as a result. But to this day, 22-years-on, questions still remain about his involvement, and the governments reluctance to hold a public inquest into the events that happened in Port Arthur on the 28th and 29th of April in 1996.

The monstrousness of the crime is said to be what prevents many people from rationally considering the evidence, for even to do so one risks being judged as excusing the crime. The team here at Horror Australia never shy from a challenge, and aren’t afraid of backlash from the public, believing the Australian people, and readers from around the world, deserve to be presented facts even if it contradicts public beliefs.

As such we have looked into the biggest questions surrounding the tragedy that happened at Port Arthur on the 28th and 29th of April, including the supposed facts that indicate Martin Bryant was a lone gunman who shook our country to the core, so that you didn’t have to wade through thousands of websites searching answers.

The biggest questions, flaws in acquired evidence, are outlined below all in the interest of public knowledge for you to determine your own thoughts on whether this mentally impaired man, with an IQ of just 66, was responsible for this heinous crime.

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