End of an era, dawn of a revolution

The Australian Horror Community has been dealt a massive blow with an end of an era being announced last night with What’s Under the Bed Horror film reviews announcing that after almost two years of providing in depth, entertaining horror movie reviews, that they would be closing down shop.

While no complete explanation was provided for the closure it is widely expected that family life, as well as the time required to keep up the impressive and informative reviews was no longer afforded to the operator Tim Davis.

“It is with great sadness that we announce we are closing shop,” the post on the What’s Under the Bed Horror film reviews Facebook page stated.

“Just short of two years we have brought you our thoughts on horror films from past and present and we have loved every minute of it. ”

“Interacting with each and everyone of you has been a blessing and we cannot thank you enough.”

But it was not all bad news with the post going on to say that the reviews of the movies have been turned into audio files and will be included in upcoming releases of the Horror for Dummies Podcast which continues to grow its following.

“BUT this is not goodbye forever, we have put our reviews into audio form with the release of our new podcast which will be taking this pages place.  So please head over and like the page.”

So while one of the communities most trusted websites for reviews is closing down and shutting its doors, the advantage for the community is additional content, and the same high standard of reviews being made available on the Horror for Dummies podcast.

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