Historical Photo proven fake

It is one of the most well known and previously highly respected photographs in the world, for decades believed to show the spirit of a little girl as an apartment block burned – however, an eagle eyed reader on a paranormal related website thought it looked familiar, and he proved it.

Wem Hall is located in Shropshire England, where in 1995 the hall completely burned to the ground an incident that attracted national media attention. However, what turned it into international news, and a favorite photo to share when trying to prove a point on internet forums, is this photograph taken by Tony O’Rahilly.

The picture, for decades, depicted a young girl, who was believed to be Jane Churn who allegedly set fire to her own home in 1677 with superstitious locals believing her ghost was responsible for the Wem Hall fire of 1995.

However, the photo has recently been proved as a hoax.

Internet user Brian Leer pointed out that the girl in the photograph looked exactly like the girl in a postcard he had collected.

The postcard photo shows a young girl standing on the street outside a store wearing the same attire, hat, and identical facial expression.

The common consensus is that the photo that has entertained paranormal believers for years, used as evidence that spirits exist, is now nothing more than a case of double exposure.


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