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Horror Australia prepares to launch

The dawn of a new and exciting era for the horror genre in Australia is upon us, as the Australian Horror Network prepares to launch Horror Australia website by the end of the year.

Horror Australia is established to break down the barriers that have been previously erected to keep the genre in the shadows by actively supporting all of the sub genres that in one way or another make up the overall horror genre in a fun, informative and ground breaking interactive way that will help make Horror Australia to become the premier benchmark of the industry.

Bringing unprecedented access to the biggest names in the industry from both across Australia and beyond its shores.

Reviews and the latest news from books, movies, television shows and games make up only part of what the Horror Australia website will become.

The ability to expand your own personal knowledge and understanding of the various sub genres, as well as the ability to connect directly with those who are submerged in the industry are one of the key aims of the brand new Horror Australia website.

A currently empty YouTube channel will quickly become populated with reviews, countdowns, special investigation pieces as well as live interviews and a FIRST OF ITS KIND* live horror game show – yes you read it right a horror game show – will no doubt have tongues wagging across the globe about horror in Australia.

Linking fans and supporters of the genre directly to specialised groups or services ensures the need for mixed and confusing results from google no more. With anyone (or group) whose anyone listed in their respective section here at Horror Australia.

This is not about coming to a start up website it is about supporting the dawn of an era and most importantly supporting Horror in Australia.

As time passes more websites, groups and services will be listed on the Horror Australia website making it a much easier place for horror fans to find what they are looking for. Ideally if you are looking for a great psychic medium you can find one here, if you are looking for a prop builder or artist you can find it here at Horror Australia.

In addition no matter what you are interested in as part of the sub genres, which include the strange and mysterious, the unexplained and the aspects that make up the sub genres including art work, writing, prop building, and websites will all be covered at Horror Australia.

The Horror Australia website is expected to officially launch on January 01 2018, however, content has already begun being posted.

The website was created using WordPress as a Content Management System, customised using a number of plugins both premium (paid) and free by the team at Digitalien. Technological support has been provided by Australian based WordPress plugin company WPMUDEV and the support by Dean Samed at the team at NeoStock for the fantastic background image that we have launched with.

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