Yowie Spotted?

Professional snake catcher Christian Andersen embarked on a bush walk, after what had been a busy week and an even busier period ahead of him the semi-professional photographer who has been plying his craft since midway through 2017 decided he would head back to nature to rejuvenate and recharge his batteries. Deciding on one of his favourite places, Coomba Falls – approximately 200km northwest of Brisbane, a place he describes as just purely magical.

Coomba Falls have created a deep permanent water holes which serve as a refuge from drought for the local plant and animal life during extended dry periods with little to no rainfall. The water holes were an important part of the life of the local Wakka Wakka people before European settlement, they could always rely on the Coomba waterholes to provide fresh water.

Tragically, the falls were the site of a massacre in the 19th century. European settlers killed hundreds of aborigines at Coomba Falls, including women and children, with some reports saying that the bodies were thrown into the water hole and that there are human remains at the bottom of the deep pools.

As a result local aboriginal people don’t go to the falls anymore, a place of beauty and refuge is now a place of deep sorrow for them.

For Christian Andersen a stroll to the falls taking in his tranquil surrounds was exactly what the doctor ordered. Pulling his small camera from his pocket he snapped a few photos to share on his instagram account, what he saw though had him curious.

© Christian Andersen Photography

Standing to the right of the waterfall a creature, something Mr Andersen had never seen before. After speaking to locals and getting mixed reaction on his Facebook page where he originally shared the photo, the general consensus was the image Christian Andersen had captured was either the elusive Yowie, or possibly the possibility that Mr Andersen had captured the spirit of someone who had lost their life at the site.

Some skeptics of the photograph claim it is simply a backpacker looking at the sights from near the top of the watering hole, however Mr Andersen is adamant he would’ve noticed if someone was actually standing there.

“Oh wow! I’d be staying away, freaky,’ one woman said while urging Mr Andersen to ‘be careful’.

Another who saw the photo commented ‘Scary, definitely has a feeling at Coomba Falls’, a sentiment shared by Mr Andersen himself who states that he always got a ‘spooky’ feeling whenever he visited the site.

‘This place is a spiritual place and whenever I take a photo there I always capture something,’ he stated.

Amid comments along the likes of one from a woman who stated ‘I see a man with a backpack on one shoulder. You may not have been alone. Fellow hiker?’ or from a man who suggested it was just a ‘blurry shadow’ Mr Andersen has vowed to go back to the site with a better camera to get ‘clear photographic evidence’ next time.

Speaking to Horror Australia Mr Andersen has confirmed that he plans to go back to Coomba Falls for a night time investigation with the view of taking a long exposure shot amongst shots with a camera more capable of capturing better quality images as part of his efforts to capture evidence.

“A night time investigation could be interesting.” Mr Andersen said to Horror Australia along with a promise to provide a photograph of his return in order to see whether the ‘shadow’ many claim he captured is still there, as well as any new evidence.

Horror Australia would like to thank Mr Andersen from Christian Andersen Photography for permission to use his photograph as part of this article. To see some of the other shots Christian has taken through his work as an up and coming photographer please visit his Facebook Page.

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